New release Telia CallGuide 10.0

In Telia CallGuide 10.0, new features and enhancements are introduced within a number of areas. Highlights of what is new are presented here:

  • Enhanced place in queue for calls
  • Callback Appointments - Book future day, manual booking, and enhanced statistics
  • CallGuide Edge Agent - Chat, screen pop and set activity
  • Copy profile to multiple users in CallGuide Admin
  • Support for Skype for Business with CallGuide Voice
  • Import of configurations into CallGuide Admin
  • Interaction View - Set storage time per task type
  • Improvements of Unifinder in CallGuide Agent
  • Control of telephone number duplicates for callback per task type
  • Siemens OpenScape 7 is verified regarding CTI

There are also many other features such as change future activities in Touchpoint Plus, 20 unique fields in Touchpoint Plus and CallGuide Voice, message when last agent logs out, formats for campaign phone numbers, and much more.

Using mobile phone in a park

Read release news on CallGuide Online help 10.0 for more information!

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30 May 2017, Newsdesk


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